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Please read the following "Warranty Policy" (instruction manual and warranty card, same as the description) carefully, and click the "Agree" button only if you agree with all of them to proceed to product warranty registration. If you do not agree, the product warranty will not apply.

1. Product expiration date

The warranty period of the product is one year from the date of purchase. Products that have passed 3 years (long-term warranty period) from the release of this model are not covered by the warranty.

2. Warranty registration

In order to apply the product warranty for one year from the date of purchase, please follow the warranty procedure below.

  1. Please fill in each item in the "Customer entry field" on the back of the warranty card.

  2. Please complete the online product warranty registration procedure based on the warranty card.

3. Scope of warranty

Under normal usage conditions, we will repair or replace any malfunction that is found to be caused by a product omission. Other repairs and replacements will be charged. We will decide whether or not to repair it.

4. Cases not covered by warranty

The following products are not covered by the product warranty even if they are within the warranty period.

  1. If you do not show the warranty card.

  2. If you have not registered your online product warranty.

  3. If there are any deficiencies or differences between the warranty card and the product warranty registration.

  4. If it is damaged due to strong impact due to excessive usage.

  5. If damaged due to a tune-up that is not suitable for use with this product.

  6. Damage due to imperfections in transportation, transportation, storage, etc.

  7. Damage caused by fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters and ground disasters.

5. Response in case of failure

If the purchased product breaks down, be sure to attach the warranty card and bring it to the store where you purchased it. In that case, the shipping fee will be borne by the customer except in the case of initial failure.

6. Others

This warranty is valid only in Japan.
This warranty is valid only in Japan.

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