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The "Maverick Figure" was created with feedback from a man who was fascinated by the big mountain snowboarding on the beautiful and dangerous mountains. The mountain is called "Tanigawadake."

People who enter this mountain need skill and physical strength. And above all, The spirit is the most necessary. 

In addition, The gear suitable for here. The four( Skill,Physical strength,The spirit and gear) become one and are accepted on the mountain. "What is the snowboards suitable for Field here." It must be the everlasting theme that we find.


What is "Snowboards shape"?
I think that the three elements of outline shape, rocker line shape and core shape are "Snowboards shape". This is because the balance of the three determines the performance. The shape of a snowboards that flex and twists is shaped by imagining that state. Whether the shape has a big influence for performance when on powder or a packed slope where the side curves play a large part of the turn, the board is always bent and twisted in every situation. By design, the side curve has a reverse R relationship with the nose R, and the camber line also has a reverse R relationship with the nose rocker. The balance of many R's is the difficulty of outline shape.

It is the core shape that maximizes the outline and rocker shape. It's an important part of flex and torsion. Compared to the easy-to-understand outline shape, the core line is less noticeable and difficult to understand, but I think it is the most delicate and important element.


The development process of our products is very unique.

Every product starts with an imagination in the shaper's head. Then hand-shape the outline you envisioned and repeat the field test in all conditions. The development process for finding a better outline is unique in the world.


It goes without saying that Japanese manufacturing culture is top of the world.
However, when I've seen snowboard factories around the world, no other factory is as sensitive to manufacturing as Japan. The precision and commitment of the core shape does not exist in factories in other countries.
I think that is Japan pride, a craftmanship recognized in the world.
And I think that "real snowboards can only be born from snowboarders."
Because the existence of spirit is important.
Everyone involved in this project is a snowboarder and a craftsman.

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