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”Maverick Figures”は、谷川岳という美しく、魅力溢れる山で、Big mountain snowboardingに心を奪われたスノーボーダーからのフィードバックを元に産まれました。 



"Maverick Figures" was born from the feedback of passionate snowboarders captivated by Big Mountain Snowboarding on the beautiful and enchanting mountain known as Mount Tanigawa. We hold the value of a fiery spirit as paramount, not only technique and physical prowess. To create equipment that befits the passion of snowboarders, we undergo testing in various situations repeatedly.The eternal theme we pursue is, "What constitutes suitable snowboards for this field?"


Maverick figuresとは、

TJ CREWが手掛ける様々なブランドの一つであり、TJ BRANDのアンバサダーである三上晃司がコンセプト、ブランディング、デザイン全てを一貫して行い、スノーボーダーによる、スノーボーダーの為のドメスティックファクトリー ”アクトギア” の協力で生まれたプロダクトです。


"Maverick Figures" is one of the various brands under the TJ CREW umbrella, with Koji Mikami, an ambassador for TJ BRAND, taking charge of the concept, branding, and design. This product was developed in collaboration with "Act Gear," a domestic factory dedicated to snowboarders, and it's created by snowboarders for snowboarders.

The development of this board is rooted in a logic carefully crafted based on decades of experience in the world of snowboarding, field testing that continues to this day, and feedback from numerous professional riders and designers who serve as expressive artists. It transcends the traditional boundaries and preconceptions associated with being a pro rider affiliated with the brand. This endeavor seeks to discover the hardcore essence at the core of the field-oriented perspective, representing a truly unconventional approach that embodies the philosophy of this brand.

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